The Snowed Inn has been at the heart of the Killington mountain experience for years.

A very stable, loyal clientele return year after year for the Killington ski and Snowed Inn’s “apres ski” experience.

With comfortable rooms, a quiet, but accessible, location to all that Killington has to offer, this property has a long history of continued success.

In recent years, the summer/fall commitment from Killington Events Department coupled with increased marketing from the Inn has seen a welcome increase in summer/fall business creating a balanced customer base throughout the year.  The Snowed Inn has six, (That is 6!)  International Tour Operators that bring business to the Snowed Inn for midweeks in the summer.  A great achievement and a great opportunity for a new buyer to build upon.

With the massive investment committed to Killington in the coming years, now is a good time to explore this wonderful lifestyle and investment opportunity.

Contact Tim Piper at or (802)279-4333.