FAQ’s About the Hearthside Group

What sets the Hearthside Group apart from other hospitality brokers?

We represent a limited number of high quality properties which allows us to handle each sale with a very personal approach

Why do you only cover two States?

We don’t.  We are currently licensed to sell property in Vermont and New Hampshire, and we are experts in these States when it comes to lenders, attorneys, building inspectors, appraisers, and licensing entities. This expertise is specialized and invaluable to getting transactions to the finish line.

Consulting clients come to us from all over the country, however,  for services such as valuation, inn keeping assistance, and facilitation of hospitality transactions.

What is your brokerage experience level?

Wendy, Gary, and Tim have collectively over one hundred years of hands on hospitality and hospitality brokerage experience which means that our understanding of our market niche runs deep.  Our understanding of property values and of the market in general is well informed, well tuned, and very accurate

Do you have a preference for certain property types?

We have successfully represented all types of hospitality businesses over the years with prices ranging from $250,000.00 to $5,000,000.00 with no preference for any particular property type or price range.

Can we determine our own listing price?

Our listing criteria is simply that the price has to make sense and allow a buyer to obtain financing from conventional lenders

Why are you qualified to sell these kinds of businesses?

Wendy is actively involved with her family’s resort business, Basin Harbor Club, which gives her an empathetic and thorough understanding of the challenges and benefits of operating businesses having to do with lodging, food and beverage, weddings, and recreation

Wendy’s experience with her family’s business also allows her first hand understanding of current
trends and economic realities

Gary is a former innkeeper having owned and operated the Inn at Blush Hill in Waterbury for many
years. He is a Cornell Hotel School graduate and has experience managing private clubs.

Tim is our newest Partner.  He brings an entire career’s worth of sales and marketing experience with several of Vermont’s finest resorts and inns.  More recently, he is the President of the Vermont Innkeepers and Bed and Breakfast Association.  He is sought out as a speaker for National conferences, particularly in the niche of aspiring innkeepers.  He has spoken at VIBBA, AHIP, PAII, Select Registry, and the Vermont Tourism Council to name a few.  Tim’s expertise and willingess to lend a knowledgeable opinion to any conversation having to do with hospitality property business brokerage sets him apart from the competition.

How do I know that your value assessment is reasonable?

We spend time and effort staying abreast of the market within our geographical niche. We talk to appraisers and we learn about value when properties are appraised as part of the lending process. Although we are not appraisers, our sense of valuation is well honed.

FAQ’s about selling my business

How long will it take me to sell my property?

In our experience, from start to finish, the sale will take between six months and two years depending on pricing and market forces

How will you market my business?

We will market your property on a variety of specialized web sites, the Multiple Listing Service if desired, and on our own web site, www.hearthsidegroup.com.

Will you work with other brokers?

We are happy to work with other brokers who are licensed in the States we handle

What happens if a deal falls apart?

Real estate transactions are complex and fraught with hurdles. Sometimes they just don’t stay together.
We fight hard to get transactions through to the finish, but we know from experience that failure with a
particular transaction does not mean failure with the process in general.