Consulting Services for Innkeepers

The Hearthside Group offers buyers a comprehensive list of inns, b&b’s, hotels, motels & restaurants
available for sale throughout Vermont and New Hampshire. We pride ourselves on introducing buyers to
the right properties and on making good matches between buyer and seller.  If we don’t have a particular
property type listed we will happily find the right property for you…no matter where that may be. With
experience in over 40 states, we are confident we can find the right match for you.

Valuation Services: How much is an inn truly worth when I am ready to sell?

After years of hard work, no innkeeper wants to undersell their property. Conversely, it is just as
important not to overprice it in the market place.

Get a valuation first… before you go to sale!

Hearthside Group can provide valuation services that determine the true value of your inn. With over
115 years of hospitality experience, we will provide the experiential insight without the personal emotions
to determine the real value of your inn.

Our service includes reviewing the financials of the business, viewing the inn and determining values for
the building, furnishings, other assets, the marketing and operational performance and the strength of the
destination area. When completed, the valuation should uncover three things… the right price, the most
likely buyer profiles to purchase your inn, and oftentimes, tips to improve your business up through to the
closing of your inn.

Consulting Services: 

Hearthside Group will consult with inns on a myriad of topics. From marketing, operations, staffing to
startups, let the Hearthside Groups years of innkeeping experience work for you.

Contact us and let us help you find the right services for your needs.